Sharon A. Sharp

Blue Ridge Bounty, 2010
Sharon A. Sharp

For more than twenty years I’ve lived near the Blue Ridge Parkway, where the abundance and variety of trees have fascinated me (and where I’ve had to rely on my trusty tree-identification book while on drives or walks). Blue Ridge Bounty, an accordion-panorama structure, is an exploration and celebration of this abundance, using a variety of fine art papers, extensive handwriting, and inkjet prints of an original collograph and a US Geological Survey map of this area.

Sharon Sharp lives and works in “High Country”—Boone, NC. She is an artist, instructor, poet, and editor. She has taught several classes on bookmaking at various art schools and residencies, and her work is held in numerous public and private collections, including here at George Mason University.

(Source: Sharp Handmade Books,

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