Cathryn Miller

Grid Road Poems, 2006
Cathryn Miller

There’s nothing like a walk on a hot summer day, and Grid Road Poems takes you on one. Ten haiku on twelve pages that can be assembled in a variety of ways, the entire work reflects prairie grid roads.

Dark on the gravel,
My shadow stretches ahead.
Where will it lead me?

Cathryn Miller studied Fine Art at the University of Toronto, trained in Commercial Art in Ottawa, and studied Honours English at Carleton University. She then worked as a geological draughtsman; a microfossil picker; a subsurface geological technician; and as a designer, cutter, and seamstress in professional theatre. Self-taught as a weaver, she established her studio in 1974, later moving to papermaking and bookmaking. She operates and publishes through Byopia Press with her husband.

(Source: Byopia Press, Vamp & Tramp Booksellers)

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