Home in the Other: Photozine Workshop with Adriana Monsalve

As part of the Mason Libraries Artist-in-Residence Program, visiting artist Adriana Monsalve will lead a photozine workshop open to all Mason students, faculty, and staff.

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Your personal narrative is a powerful tool. We can dismantle the ‘other’ when we trust ourselves with our own stories and are willing to take them into vulnerable spaces.

Home in the Other is a collaborative zine-making project using the mediums of photography and writing. Students are asked to participate by engaging with their individual experience and paralleling these with others’ encounters. Working with a partner — a friend, acquaintance, or stranger —  each participant will work to develop an image + text in response to the idea of finding “home in the other.” Through this intimate and investigative process, we delve into kinship and community. Together, we can further understand our current condition through this intersectional workshop.

Registration is free but required due to space. Sign up now!

Workshop outcomes:

  • Participants will work with a partner to create an image + text in response to the idea of “finding home in the other.” The final pages will later be collected into a photozine. All participants who contribute work will receive a copy of the final printed zine (2-3 weeks after the workshop).

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