Margo Hunt


Artist’s Statement

Grow is a zine about the symbiotic relationship between plants and people, especially myself. It’s about learning to adapt and overcome hardships. It’s about self-care and kindness towards oneself and the world around them. I’ve always loved taking care of things, but I’ve never liked the stress of it. Plants, however, are different. They’re resilient and calming, which I’ve always adored. Plus, it’s always so satisfying to see the work you’ve put into them, quite literally, blossom to life! I hope those who view Grow can find the same love for plants that I’ve come to find.

Margo is a sophomore in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program, under a drawing concentration. Currently based in Virginia, she loves illustration and writing, and hopes to produce her own comic series one day. As of right now, she is working on starting her shop, balancing classes, and a plethora of other crazy interests at the same time.

Margo Hunt (she/her), BFA Drawing