Madison Pippert


Artist’s Statement

There is sanctuary to be found in experimentation and abstraction. To release yourself from the obligations of what is considered good art is to be momentarily free, and this freedom can breed inspiration that filters back into your more structured works. I took two colors that I enjoyed together and experimented with different ways that they could overlap each other, because until now I have had no experience with Risograph printing and its visual results. The resulting print did not come out as expected, but the entire project was an experiment in letting go of expectation.

Madison is a final-semester senior of Computer Game Design. They enjoy dabbling in a wide variety of media, from music to visual art, and their choice of major marries it all together and ties it to their other favorite hobby, gaming. Madison’s participation in a zinemaking class is yet another exploration into a new form of creativity.

Madison Pippert (she/they), BFA Computer Game Design