Aekta Bandodker

What is Sanctuary?

Artist’s Statement 

I’m a graduating Senior with Individualized Concentrations in Mindfulness and Creativity, a self-created major designed to meet the prerequisites for a Master’s in Art Therapy. I love working with my hands and especially with themes of nature. I like challenging perfectionism on both personal and collective levels. As someone who has always been drawn to the process of art making for its therapeutic benefits, I like to create works that show “The mess” and challenge the idea of “a neat product” as the finished art piece. I believe that our volition and autonomy in life emerges from finding creative solutions to address “the cards we’ve been dealt,” so my art process also mimics this-beginning as a concept without a plan and building up to something harmonious and cohesive throughout the journey of its making. Change is the only constant and spontaneity is a gift with many treasures, so I remain open to it when I work, keeping an intention in mind, but being flexible with how that intention shows up on the page. For this project in my Zines and Self-Publishing class, we were asked to create a magic book portraying the concept of sanctuary through nature. I kept the intention of yin-yangs and the idea of balance, but created everything else “on the go.” With every work I make, I always have my own story to it, but hope that viewers will find their own meaning in it as well. Thank you for taking the time to appreciate my art!

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Aekta Bandodker (she/her), B.A in Integrative Studies, Individualized Concentrations in Mindfulness and Creativity