blue, as a feeling

works from Late Comeback Press

May 10–July 12, 2024

blue, as a feeling is an exhibition of the work of Late Comeback Press, a comics and zines micropress based in Northern Virginia. In Spring 2024, co-founders Rachna Soun and Caroline Kim served as artists-in-residence for Dynamic Publishing, a course in Mason’s School of Art that introduces students to the art of publishing in collaboration with a visiting artist. 

blue presents selections from Late Comeback’s catalog, including works by Soun and Kim, along with artists Janet Shin, Neil Neill, and Cam Del Rosario. Combining visual poetry and themes of existentialism, the exhibit is designed to be an immersive reading space: works from Late Comeback are exploded on the walls, while visitors are invited to sit and stay in the gallery space with the books. Private acts of reading are transformed into public performance, blurring the divide between personal and shared experiences.

From moments of content and hope to feelings of melancholy and despair, blue is a color as vast as the human experience.

We hope to show you a peek into our tiny blue world, and maybe you’ll see a part of yourself in it too.

About Late Comeback Press

Late Comeback Press is run by Rachna Soun, Caroline Kim, and Janet Shin. Our name derives from the French term l’esprit de l’escalier — thinking of the perfect reply a little too late. As three Asian-American artists, we live within the hyphen, struggling, at times, to convey language that exists in one culture but not in the other.

“Communication and existentialism are the center of our art, flourishing in the space before choices are made, when the possibilities can seem paralyzingly endless or distinctively finite.

“We hope that our work connects with you, no matter who you are, or where you’re from.”

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