Verbal/Visual: The Texts and Influences Behind Mason’s MFA Artists

What do artists read?

Certainly there are favorite books, audio recordings, and DVDs — ones that influenced an artist’s thinking, or that changed the course of an inquiry altogether. Although their practice is primarily a visual one, artists also engage in a verbal practice of reading, writing, and listening that in turn informs the making.

With this in mind, Fenwick Gallery is pleased to exhibit Verbal/Visual: The Texts and Influences Behind Mason’s MFA Artists. On view through May 4th, 2015, the exhibit showcases work by six visual artists in Mason’s MFA program in the School of Art alongside the books that have most informed the work.

All of the artists in this exhibit are graduating in Spring of 2015 and have, over their time in the MFA program, developed a strong studio practice that includes both making and reading. Each artist has selected a few books that have had a profound impact on their work. Visit the gallery to discover their visual work and reveal some of their greatest influences found right here in the Mason Library’s collection.

In this exhibit are works by:

Ceci Cole-McInturff
Jay Hendrick
Melissa Hill
Nathan Loda
Anne Smith
Ray Warshaw

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