Christiana Yapnayon

Make Sure to Look Up

Artist’s Statement

Make sure to look up is inspired by the precious memories I had with my close friends – sky gazing after a long day of school. This zine is stylized in a short, written letter dedicated to a friend who is far away and cannot be in reach. I often find solace in looking at clouds or just being outside for some fresh air –this in itself is a feeling of sanctuary for me during these tough times. From trying to figure out what sort of shapes we see in the clouds, to simply venting out our school stresses, these are the memories I find myself reminiscing while being back at my hometown away from university. I really do miss my friends, and the pandemic has made it difficult to see them as often as I would like. I know these difficult times will surely pass, and I find comfort in knowing that I will one day sky gaze again in the company of my friends.

Bio: Christiana is a Filipino-American illustrator and hobbyist based in Virginia Beach, VA. She will soon be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and one day hopes to work with non-profits abroad to advocate for mental health awareness through her art. Other than drawing, Christiana loves creating cute and tiny things such as stickers and shrink plastic pins for her online shop, wooapple.

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Christiana Yapnayon (she/her), BA in Integrative Studies, International Studies concentration