Process Logs: Exhibition Lecture with Helen Frederick

Navigation Press at Mason: Exhibition Lecture with Helen Frederick

Thursday, July 13
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Fenwick Library Reading Room, 2nd Floor (Room 2001)

The artistic process is often perceived as a solitary act, with an artist independently researching, developing, and executing their ideas. In the history of printmaking, however, the atelier, or workshop model is a longstanding tradition, with artists and apprentices working closely together to complete a finished masterwork.

Join Helen Frederick (Professor Emeritus, Mason School of Art) for a lecture on the foundations of Navigation Press, a printmaking residency program at Mason, and the artistic and learning opportunities afforded by the workshop model. The lecture will conclude with a walk-through of “Process Logs: Prints, Plates, and Sketches from Navigation Press at Mason,” currently on display in the Fenwick Gallery.

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