Artists’ Books in the Exhibit


Joy of Eating: True Food Security & A Recipe for Disaster by Robin Bachtler Cushman

From the artist:

I explore the intersection between nature and culture thorough my art. The two have been entwined throughout history since early agriculture. This recipe file box contains photographs of local produce, gardens, farms, and markets—a celebration of the abundance of our local agriculture. This is true food security. This work also examines the role of herbicides and Genetically Manipulated Organisms (GMOs) in our food supply—through images and recipes filed under “Disaster.” Pictures from the dust bowl era and my own contemporary photos of big agriculture are included in the file labeled “Disaster.”




Good Eats: sit down, relax & enjoy: it’s the cook’s choice: selections from an appetizing array of well-seasoned moments and finely diced tales by Carissa Carman & Gretchen Hooker

From the publisher:

With its striking red portfolio case printed to reference a flashing marquee sign, Good Eats welcomes you to a roadside diner. Inside you’ll find a place setting and 18 illustrated, loose leaf recipe cards. Through the sharing of imagery and personal accounts the functional recipe cards portray the intimate connection between food, place, comfort, and memory.




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