Women’s Voices Women’s Visions

Inaugural Exhibit, Spring 2014

Libraries are repositories for how we think: about certain issues and at particular points in time. In the digital age, this includes both images and words.

The exhibit Women’s Voices/Women’s Visions features art, images, books, and     periodicals that reflect the work and words of female artists from the Mason       community as well as other parts of the United States, England, and Lebanon.

The selected artwork offers female commentary on a range of topics: stages of life, paternal relationships, civil disobedience, and roles of fairytales and memory in personal history. For  example, Asma Chaudhary’s She’s Got Way too Many Feelings (2013) and Alice Jones’ Becoming Alex (2012) provide a sharp contrast to the magazine covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar (1910s to 1950s). They present distinctive takes on women’s clothing and women’s roles. This exhibit blends original works with library items and posters. The posters showcase art published in student journal So to Speak, a poetry journal founded over 20 years ago by female MFA candidates in Creative Writing .

The website (fenwickgallery.gmu.edu) contains biographies and statements on the featured artists:

  • Stephanie Booth (Mason)
  • Cynthia Brown-Milans
  • Asma Chaudhary (Mason)
  • Lisa M. Cirando
  • Ceci Cole Mcinturff (Mason)
  • Susan Cutts
  • Alice Jones
  • Alix  Pietrafesa
  • Stephanie Sauer
  • Emily Threlkeld
  • Rachel Timmins
  • Antoinett Wysocki-Sanchez
  • Afaf Zurayk

This exhibit is a partnership between George Mason University Libraries and College of Visual and Performing Arts, Fenwick Gallery is designed to show high-caliber works by Mason students, faculty, and associates that inform, promote, and create dialogue with parts of the library collection. The gallery and exhibit were managed by Jamie Coniglio and Jenna Rinalducci of George Mason University Libraries. Art was curated by Ceci Cole Mcinturff of the School of Art/MFA Critical Arts Practices Program. 

Featured Works

Images of the Installation

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