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End Cycle: Christopher Kardamibikis

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Artist’s Talk by Christopher Kardambikis
November 29     3 p.m.
Room 1014B     Fenwick Library    Fairfax Campus

End Cycle Catalog

In addition to the works on display, a series of risograph prints will be produced throughout the month that will be available for free, on a first come first serve basis, in the gallery.

Prints - Take One_________________________________________________________________

A collection of books as travelogue. Books as time capsules that reveal how images are built and rebuilt. Books that contain multiple spaces, all folded up and overlapping and spilling out.

Zine. Edition of 30
September 2014

Digital Print

Over the past 5 years I’ve lived in almost as many cities. I had developed a rapid production method to simultaneously explore place and form. Overlapping the space of the book with living space. With social space. Playing with pacing and materials and setting goals that forced invention within tight time frames. Making drawings, photographs, and collages that, once printed and bound in books so closely tied to their cities of production, have gained a specific weight. Maybe (probably) only felt by me, but that weight is there and real. Loaded images that built up a charge through use, reuse, and distribution. Books bound to specific locations and times.


Zine.  Xerox and Inkjet Print.
August 2015

END CYCLE is a show of 23 books and 1 large format print. The work is arranged in vitrines circling the gallery so as to allow for new connections to be made between points in space and time – between the Terra Nullius of New Castle – a small town in western PA frozen in grey post-industrial collapse – and the 1,520 pages sewn together in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn – tied to the daily routine of cross-neighborhood foot commutes. Between Southern California streets scorched by the sun and endless comic-book panels burnt into a childhood brain over the course of long afternoon readings.

Doomed PlanetA wander around the catacombs before allowing the books to rest. Or maybe more like reverse archaeology – deliberately burying images and pages in masses of ink and glass boxes until they’re partially forgotten. Until they break down. Until they’re useful again. Until they can be built into something new.


Christopher Kardambikis
explores space, process, and form through books, printmaking, and drawing. He has co-founded three artist book and zine projects: Encyclopedia Destructica in Pittsburgh, Gravity and Trajectory in San Diego, and 90 Proof Press in Los Angeles. Christopher has been an artist-in-residence at The Art Students League, Vermont Studio Center, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, the Millay Colony, Pioneer Works, and the Pittsburgh Center of the Arts. He received his BFA from Carnegie Mellon University and MFA from the University of California, San Diego.  Christopher is laso the host of “Paper Cuts”, a program on Clocktower Radio that documents the contemporary world of zines and DIY publishing.

Christopher Kardambikis is an Assistant Professor and Director, Printmaking & Navigation Press, School of Art, George Mason University.Installation View

Temporary move for Locale

To make way for the Collections of Distinction exhibit from Special Collection Research Center, the Locale exhibit has temporarily moved to the hallway of the new addition on the first floor. Unfortunately, Mark Kelner’s piece So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past (50 copies of “The Great Gatsby” re-pulped, ink pigmented with graphite from the series, “Signs and Wonders”) had to be temporarily removed due to the fragility of the material and narrowness of the hallway. We will reinstall the exhibit in the Fenwick Gallery on Monday, April 4. Images of the new location can be seen below. You can visit the exhibit page for more information.

Hallway3Hallway1 Hallway2

Watch the Call & Response 2015: Lineage Panel Discussion

On September 30th, six artists and writers from the Call & Response 2015: Lineage Exhibition participated in a panel discussion moderated by M. Mack. The panelists discussed their collaborative process and experiences creating work for the show. The panel was part of the Fall for the Book 2015 programming.

This year’s panelists were:

Marcos L. Martínez
Benjamin Brezner
Mike Walton
Kelly Hendrickson
Nikki Brugnoli Whipkey
Qinglan Wang
Ariel Goldenthal
Anne Smith

Watch the discussion here:

View the artwork and read the poetry from the show in the exhibition catalog here.

Visit the exhibition page here.

Listen to Poetry from Call & Response 2015: Lineage Exhibition

The Call & Response exhibit is a collaboration between writers and visual artists, in which one calls and one responds. The result is a set of paired works, resonating with each other, demonstrating the interplay of artistic media, and speaking of our times. Listen to audio recordings of select poetry from the Call & Response 2015: Lineage Exhibition below and read all of the writing from the Call & Response 2015: Lineage Exhibit in the Exhibition Catalog here.

Madeline Graham & Holly Mason
Madeline copy

Madeline Graham
Cantate Domino, 2015
Matte Print
8” x 10”

Holly Mason
To Make a Shine for You 2015

Meaghan Busch & Benjamin Brezner

Meaghan Busch
Two-Eyes, Series of 4,  2015
8.5” x 5” each

Benjamin Brezner
Two-Eyes, 2015

Douglas Luman & Alice Quatrochi

Alice copy

Alice Quatrochi
Fantasy sprouts Fallow, 2015
Sculptural Book: Appropriated Paper and Handmade Flax
36” x 5” x 10”

Douglas Luman
Crop Rotation, 2015